Real Estate

What we do

Projetos Imobiliários Inovadores - Quitex - Property Investments

Creation of Innovative Real Estate Projects

Oportunidades no Mercado Imobiliário - Quitex - Property Investments

Evaluation of Investment Opportunities

Rehabilitation, Promotion and Management of Real Estate

Investimentos Imobiliários - Quitex - Property Investments

Promotion of Real Estate

About us

Quitex is a family-owned company, based in Porto — Portugal, since 1976. With a strong experience in various sectors, including commerce, services and industry, Quitex focuses today on Real Estate businesses.

The Company relies on the collaboration of a vast team and recognized, enthusiastic and experienced partners in complementary areas, seeking to attain costumers high standards.

Our principles

Quitex - Property Investments

Our Mission

To provide a service of excellence in the Real Estate sector, maximizing profitability.

Quitex - Property Investments

Our Vision

To be a global company, recognized for its standards of excellence in the market (Real Estate).

Quitex - Property Investments

Our Core Values

Innovation, Competence, Flexibility, Sustainability, Integrity and Transparency.


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